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Reduce Cost, Power and Latency with Open Eye MSA based Optical Connectivity
This webinar is targeted for Data Center, Enterprise and Telecom network architects. Presenters will overview the benefits of the Open Eye MSA approach enabling low cost, low power and low latency optical modules for 200Gbps and 400Gbps connectivity deployments.
- Open Eye MSA overview
- Optics value proposition (low power / low latency / low cost)
- Benefits of OpenEye solution
- Single mode optics solutions
- Multimode optics solutions
- Test solution

- Brad Booth, Principal Hardware Engineer, Microsoft
- Mark Kimber, Principal Product Definition Specialist, Semtech
- Greg Le Cheminant, Measurement Applications Specialist, Digital Communications Analysis, Internet Infrastructure Solutions, Keysight
- Yung Son, CTO and CMO, Optomind
- Marek Tlalka, Senior Director of Marketing, High Performance Analog, MACOM
- Michael Xin, VP of Sales and Marketing, CIG


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