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Reducing the Cost of 200Gbps and 400Gbps Optics using Open Eye MSA Compliant Chipset Solutions
This webinar is targeted for suppliers of optical modules. The Open Eye MSA approach is a natural evolution relative to today’s high-volume optical nodes, enabling users to scale to next generation Baud rates. Presenters will overview chip-set and test solutions for implementation of modules based on Open Eye MSA specifications.
- Brief Intro and Open Eye MSA overview
- Optics value proposition (low power / low latency / low cost)
- Semiconductor solutions
- Semiconductor solutions
- Laser/PD supplier
- Test solution

- Brad Booth, Principal Hardware Engineer, Microsoft
- Tom Palkert, Open Eye MSA Standards Editor, Open Eye MSA
- Kees Propstra, Vice President of Marketing, MultiLane
- Marek Tlalka, Senior Director of Marketing, High Performance Analog, MACOM
- Julius Yam, Marketing Manager, Data Center, Semtech
- Al Yuen, VSCEL R&D Manager, Lumentum


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