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Mueller Polarimetry of Structured and Random Media: from Metrology to Biomedicine
The basics of optical polarization and Mueller polarimetry as well as the review of physical phenomena of interaction of polarized light with different complex media (layered, periodical, scattering, anisotropic and absorbing) will be introduced first. Then it will be demonstrated that theoretical and experimental studies of interaction of polarized light with matter provide a lot of valuable information about the macroscopic and microscopic properties of object under study, including its diattenuation, birefringence, depolarization, scattering and absorption properties, surface topography, etc. This information can be used in numerous applications, from optical metrology to cancer detection and staging. The basic advantages of optical polarimetric techniques consist in being relatively low-cost, fast, non-contact and non-destructive, thus allowing in-situ and real-time measurements in many applications.

Apr 7, 2020 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

OSA Career Lab
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Tatiana Novikova
Dr. Tatiana Novikova leads the Group of Applied Optics and Polarimetry at the Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films of CNRS, Ecole polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France. She obtained MSc degree in applied mathematics from the Moscow State University (Russia), PhD in applied mathematics and physics from the Moscow Institute of Mathematical Modelling (Russia), and Habilitation in Physics from the University Paris-Sud (France). Dr. Novikova has served as a Guest Editor of the Journal of Biomedical Optics in 2016. She is a Senior member of OSA. Dr Novikova got the OSA Outstanding Reviewer Recognition Award in 2018 and was featured in SPIE "Women in Optics" Planner 2018. Dr. Novikova is a recipient of 2020 SPIE G. G. Stokes Award in optical polarization. Her research interests and area of expertise include polarimetry, optical metrology, biomedical imaging and computational modeling of electromagnetic wave interaction with structured and random media.