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Do Colors Have Emotions? Understanding Cross-Cultural Associations Between Colors and Emotions
Why do we see red, feel blue, or turn green with envy? Are such associations between color and emotion fundamental to our shared cognitive architecture? Or are they cultural creations learned through our languages and traditions?

In this webinar hosted by the Color Technical Group, Domicele Jonauskaite will present data collected over the last seven years within the framework of the ongoing International Colour-Emotion Association survey, coordinated at the University of Lausanne. Currently, the survey is running in 80 countries and 46 languages. Dr. Jonauskaite will discuss how and why colors are associated with emotions and present empirical evidence suggesting that these associations have universal characteristics. Finally, Dr. Jonauskaite will suggest potential mechanisms driving these associations and close the talk by highlighting future avenues in affective color psychology.

What You Will Learn:
• Dive into evidence-based results in color psychology
• Understand emotional meanings of colors across cultures
• Learn how these meanings are shaped by experience

Who Should Attend:
• Anyone interested in the visual and semantic roles in color perception
• Anyone interested in the cross-cultural large-scale international studies
• Anyone interested in the potential mechanisms of colors’ psychological and affective meanings

Feb 1, 2022 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Domicele Jonauskaite
@University of Lausanne, Switzerland & University of Vienna, Austria
Dr Domicele Jonauskaite is an experimental colour psychologist, studying cognitive and affective connotations of colour. Her studies are based on scientifically valid approaches, which allows her to validate or debunk myths in colour psychology. More recently, she has expanded her research to aesthetics and art. Domicele is currently based at the University of Vienna in Austria. Previously, she obtained a PhD degree in Psychology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research positions have been supported by two career fellowship grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Together with Christine Mohr, Déborah Epicoco, and Nele Dael, they have founded the Colour Experience platform (https://www.colourexperience.ch/) designed to disseminate scientifically validated empirical research on psychological effects of colour. She is also co-authoring blog posts for Psychology Today (www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/color-psychology).