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Source Modeling in Illumination Optics
Every time an optical engineer starts to design an illumination optics system, the same questions come up: How do I model the light source? What are my options, and what are the pros and cons? Where do I get the required information?

The answers are not obvious since a comprehensive, detailed source model would mean: how much light does the source send from each point, into each direction, at each wavelength? In engineering language a source model means knowing spectral radiance as function of location, direction and wavelength, which is a nightmarishly complex five-dimensional function. Therefore, the key is knowing how, when, and to what extent to simplify.

In this webinar hosted by the OSA NonImaging Optical Design Technical Group, Julius Muschaweck will explain what spectral radiance is and lay out the various options: point sources, extended sources, spatial and angular apodization, and volume sources. The webinar will discuss ray data sources, explain how they are generated, and how they should be used.

The webinar also will include live examples using LightTools software. Finally, Julius will talk about his "Christmas wish": merging multispectral ray data, near field goniometry data and a CAD model into a single file. This is possible today, but such high quality source models will become available only when LED vendors and software vendors are driven by their customers to provide them.

What You Will Learn:
-What source modeling is all about, what your options are, and how/why to choose one option over another
-What the inevitable simplifications do to your simulation results
-How to obtain ray data files & what you need to do with them before you can use them in your models

Who Should Attend:
-Engineers & scientists in industry who do optical design for illumination
-Optical scientists, who know a lot about classical optics but not enough about illumination optics
-Students of optics, who want a deeper understanding of illumination optics

Dec 3, 2019 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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