OSA Virtual Vision Science Seminars - Shared screen with speaker view
Hannah Walter-Pilon
Thank you for joining us for the OSA Virtual Vision Science Seminar! Our presentation will begin in just a moment.
Hannah Walter-Pilon
Please note this seminar is being recorded and a copy of the recording will be emailed to you, along with a PDF copy of the slides, within 48 hours. You can access an advanced copy of the slides from today’s presentations at https://bit.ly/3ouCeeG
Hannah Walter-Pilon
As a reminder, please enter your questions for our presenters in the Q&A function noting who your question is for. If you see a question you would like addressed during the Q&A session, upvote it by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ button.
Salva Bará
Twinkling is the result of moving caustics at ground-level, due to wind-driven turbulent atmospheric refraction... not entoptic, but basically the same phenomenon.