CM2A • Phase Imaging and Phase Retrieval - Shared screen with speaker view
Welcome to CM2A - Phase Imaging and Phase Retrieval. This first talk is Phase Retrieval With Complexity-Guidance in Coherent X-ray Imaging by MANSI BUTOLA. Please submit any questions through the Q&A feature in Zoom.
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This is Escaping the Twin-Image Problem With the Hybrid Input-Output Algorithm by Yaocheng Tian. He can take questions after the talk.
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This talk is Transport of Intensity Equation Based Phase Retrieval Using Deep Transfer Learning by Xiaofeng Wu. Please enter all questions into the Q&A box rather than the chat. Thanks!
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This talk is Low-Photon Holographic Phase Retrieval With Poisson-Gaussian Denoising by David Barmherzig. Please send any questions for David through the Q&A feature.
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This next talk is A Fast Robust Phase Restoration Algorithm by GANG Luo. He can take questions after his talk