SW5H • Optical Sensors for Medical and Biological Applications - Shared screen with speaker view
Dave Coray - OSA
Welcome to Session SW5H - – Optical Sensors for Medical and Biological Applications. We will begin in just a moment. The audio for today’s conference should be coming through your computer speakers. Please ensure your speakers are turned on and the volume up. Should you need technical assistance, please use this chat feature or raise your hand to let us know. As a reminder, please share your questions in the Q & A box. The Q & A session will take place at the end of the presentation.
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.1 – Wearable Devices for Remote Monitoring of Transcutaneous Tissue Oxygenation, presented by Juan Pedro Cascales. This presenter is online and available to answer your questions. Use the Q&A box to submit questions.
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.2 – New Approach for Temperature-Immune Oxygen Sensing Based on Pt-TFPP, presented by Francesca Venturini. This presenter is not online for Q&A. You can email questions to Francesca.venturini@zhaw.ch.
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.3 – Functionalization of Silicon Surfaces with Small Molecule Bioreceptors to Enable Fieldable Biosensing, presented by Sanchao Liu. This presenter is online and is available to answer your questions. Please use the Q&A box to them.
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.4 – Fluidics Integrated Silicon Photonics Based Continuous Monitoring of Electrolyte Concentration in a Flow-channel, presented by Shankar Kuman Selvaraja. This presenter is online for Q&A. Please submit your questions in the Q&A box.
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.5 – Direct Single-particle Detection and Sizes Recognition of Adenovirus with Whispering-gallery Mode Resonances, presented by Nikita Toropov. This presenter is available to answer your questions via the Q&A box.
Jerome Lapointe
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.6 – Wearable Breathalyzer: A Simple Concept that Uses Mobile Device Existing Optical Components, presented by Jerome Lapointe. Please remember to use the Q&A box to submit questions for this presenter.
Dave Coray - OSA
This is SW5H.7 – Tissue Oxygen Sensing: Bandages, Needles, and Wearable Devices, presented by Conor Evans. Please submit any questions you have for this presenter in the Q&A box.